Whether your looking to create a rustic vintage design idea or a modern chic look, blinds are the perfect accessory. With the versatility of blinds, you can select from a wide palette of colors and styles.


 Why you can never go wrong with blinds...

  • Easy to clean and care for

  • Virtually disappear when rising

  • Full privacy and light control

  • Stay Clear-Channel inserts

  • Wide selection of wood colors, stains and textures

  • Creative solutions for doors and windows

  • Cord-free options available

  • Install alone or layer with draperies


Shades have much to offer in terms of functionality, efficiency and style. Ranging from blackout shades which virtually prevent light from entering or exiting a room to solar shades that come in a variety of opacities, colors and fabrics. They require little to no maintenance and are great at preventing any unwanted heat during summer months, all while conserving it during the winter season.

 Why you can never go wrong with shades...

  • Complete insulation and energy efficiency

  • Solar heat and UV blocking light and privacy control

  • Power Rise operating system

  • Can be used as a room divider

  • Broad selection of materials and styles

  • Install alone or layer with other window treatments

  • Many products, styles, and designs to choose from


  • Blackout shades

  • Honeycomb shades

  • Roman shades

  • Solar shades

  • Silhouette shades

  • Top-down / Bottom-up shades