Looking to add a classic charm to your home or business? then shutters are the ideal candidate. With a variety of styles and colors to choose from you can select the perfect shutter to compliment any decor. 

Shutters have been a longtime staple of the South. Known for its richness and functionality, they are a wonderful substitute to blinds and draperies. Easy to clean and long lasting.

Shutters are available in the following:


  • Plantation 

  • Wood 

  • Vinyl 



  • Bi-fold track–allows 6 panels to be hinged together

  • Bypass track–shutters slide past each other to open and close

  • Hinged panels—hinged together and to window pane using T-posts in center

  • Front tilt bar—in the center to close tightly up or down

  • TruView–barely visible from the front, tilt one and the rest will follow